AUTOSERVA is an Internet of Things (IoT) technology developed by VYROX and awarded MSC Status in the year of 2016.

AUTOSERVA is a management framework of IoT automation. It aims to run fast on cloud and Web 3.0. Its features can be extended easily with modular based cloud computing. The framework is well organized and systematically designed for easy integration with AUTO-API. It makes integration of hardware and software easier using RESTFUL API.

AUTOSERVA engineering teams upgrades AUTOSERVA software and hardware systems from time to time in order to enhance the functions and features to cater the demands and fulfill the requirements of property developers, architects, consulting engineers, technology partners and system integrators. Currently, AUTOSERVA is ready for high-rise residential developments, commercial buildings, and lights-out manufacutring factories.

AUTOSERVA was equipped with features like smart community management, smart property management, lease tenancy agreement management, QR visitor management, QR access control, apartments intercom, home automation, 3D controls, 720VR, multi-tiers security, IP surveillance, entertainment, motorized automation, point-of-sales, billing & invoicing, payrolls & accounting, mobile payments, e-waller, instant on-demand delivery services, app-based e-commerce, etc.

AUTOSERVA positions itself as part of smart transformation management system. It changes the interactivity between people and computers, from hardware to software, from big data to information, from management to decision makings, and from technology R&D to real life.

AUTOSERVA is the core of the management systems powered by IoT technology. It serves as an entry point in people's daily life and it will transform conventional human lifestyles to digital.


Transform Human Lifestyle with Internet-of-Things.


  1. Research and develop AUTOSERVA, the Internet of Things (IoT) based management information system technology
  2. Use AUTOSERVA in the smart management software and systems like HOMESERVA, SPORTSERVA, LEASERVA, and SMARTSERVA.
  3. Implement AUTOSERVA series software and systems into neighborhoods, communities, buildings, and factories.
  4. Expand and Enhance AUTOSERVA functionality with weekly updates.


  1. HOMESERVA - Smart condominium apartment, gated & guarded community, property management System
  2. SPORTSERVA - Smart club, center, booking, reservation, payment, lighting control, and membership management System
  3. SMARTSERVA - Smart commercial, factory, visitor, vehicle, parking, and property management system
  4. LEASERVA - Smart leasing, tenancy agreement contracts, airbnb, and rental collection management system
  5. VHOME - Custom IoT smart home automation system for bungalows, property show units, events, etc.
  6. VCOM - Mobile smartphones, tablets, on-wall touchscreen, apartments HD video intercom system
  7. PRESIDENT - All-in-One modern smart home system for high-rise residential property developments
  8. SPORTS CLUB KING - Asia No. 1 Sports Booking & Club Management System (in term of the total number of installation done)
  9. SNOOKER KING - World No. 1 Snooker & Pool Billiard Management System (in term of the total number of installation done)